International Level Crossing Awareness Day

International Level Crossing Awareness Day: The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate, in level crossing accidents, leaflets were distributed to citizens in order to raise public awareness, it hung posters on the public domain and published public spots.
In the statement made by TCDD, it was reminded that the International Level Crossing Awareness Day, announced in 2009 under the leadership of the International Railways Association (UIC), was celebrated on June 10-11. In a statement reminded that a number of special studies have been carried out to this day, brochures containing the causes and precautions of these accidents were prepared and distributed to citizens, posters were posted in public spaces, and public spots were published in order to raise awareness of the public about level crossing accidents.
In the statement, which was pointed out that the rules to be obeyed at level crossings were regulated by the Highway Traffic Law, it was emphasized that the drivers were not obliged to follow the "stop" instruction given by light or sound signal on the railroad crossings and to enter the passage when there are full or half barriers lowered on the vehicle road.
It is stated that the drivers are required to stop before the railway crossings that are not equipped with lighted signs or barriers, and that they are obliged by law after they are sure that any rail vehicles are not approaching. It is stated that those who do not obey these rules will be punished.
In the statement, the following information about the work done in recent years regarding the security of level crossings was given:
“The number of passages was reduced from 729 thousand 4 to 810 thousand 3 by closing the 81 level crossings. The number of protected level crossings has been increased to 50 thousand. Comfortable and safe passage was provided in the passages with rubber and composite coating. In all passages, road signs have been renewed for night vision, and phosphor plates have been renewed and there have been significant reductions in level crossing accidents. While 2000 accidents occurred at level crossings in 361, it dropped to 2015 in 27 and there was a decrease of about 90 percent in such accidents. ”



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