The first passenger hall of the third airport is completed

The first passenger hall of the third airport was completed: 2 thousand 200 trucks and 16 thousand passengers were trying to finish quickly, the first passenger hall was completed in order to set an example!
The Third Airport, which is accepted as one of the biggest projects in the history of the Republic, has started to show its face. Inside the new airport, where the 2 bin 200 truck and 16 bin workers work, the first passenger lounge was completed.
The passenger lounge, which is an example, contains all the details from the waiting seats to the sampling of the escalators and electronic panels showing the landing and departure times of the planes. At the 200rd airport, which is stated to have an annual capacity of 3 million passengers when it is finished, the main terminal building is starting to rise, while in the ground level correction works, 2 trucks are transporting approximately 200 million cubic meters of soil from one place to another within the site. 1 percent of the project has been completed so far.
More than a quarter okay
The 7rd airport, whose foundation was laid by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on June 2014, 3, has started to appear. It is stated that 28 percent of the project has been completed so far, 374 million cubic meters of excavation has been done in the construction site and 105 million cubic meters of filling have been made so far. The main terminal building with an annual capacity of 76,5 million passengers, which is planned to be built in the first phase of the giant construction site with a total project area of ​​90 million square meters, has started to rise. The huge building with a covered area of ​​1 million 300 square meters has a multi-storey car park with a capacity of 18 thousand vehicles. 1 million cubic meters of concrete and 180 thousand tons of iron will be used for the terminal building. The roof area of ​​the ternimal will be 450 thousand square meters and the front area of ​​the terminal will be 500 square meters.
First passenger lounge at main terminal completed
While the works in the main terminal building were underway, a hall for passengers to board the aircraft was made as an example and completed. Escalator sampling is also available in the passenger lounge, which is completed with all the details of the exterior glass coatings. Electronic boards showing the arrival and departure times of the planes and electronic door signs showing the passenger doors leading to the airplanes took their place in the hall.
Construction site turned to the highway
A huge army of machines is working at the construction site of the 3rd airport. The 2 trucks working at the construction site transport approximately 200 million cubic meters of soil per day from excavated areas to landfilled areas. Truck traffic in the construction site is now incredibly large. In the giant construction site, it is stated that 1 excavators, 252 tower cranes, 60 graders, 57 cylinders, 124 dozers, 101 articulated trucks, 60 wheel loaders, 57 mobile cranes, 23 concrete mixers and 70 concrete pumps in total, primarily 18 thousand 3 construction machines are working. .
30 thousand people!
As of May 2016 thousand 500 thousand people, including the white-collar 16 thousand people working in the construction site said. This number is expected to reach 30 thousand people.
4 will be completed in phase
The 3rd transfer will be completed in 4 phases according to the plan. In Phase 1, the main terminal building with an annual capacity of 90 million passengers, one main air traffic control tower, 2 north-south direction, 60 meters wide A380 aircraft equipped with equipment, 3.75 km and 4.1 kilometers runway, 114 of them catch the Main Terminal. There are 347 aircraft parking areas, hangar, cargo / warehouse, catering, airport support facilities providing ground handling services and an indoor parking area with a capacity of 18 thousand vehicles. After the completion of these studies, it was stated that a third runway will be constructed in the second part of phase 1 in the direction of North-South.
When the annual passenger capacity reaches 80 million, it is stated that investments will start and phase 2 will be started. In the second phase, an air traffic control tower, a runway where 2 meters wide A 60 aircraft can land in the east-west direction and related taxiways and necessary support facilities will be built.
3 in airport construction. A terminal building as well as an air traffic tower will be built. In this phase, another runway with 60 meter width will be added in the north-south direction at the airport. There will be systems carrying passengers between the new terminal building and the main terminal building.
The project 4. phase, a satellite terminal building, a runway in the north-south direction and related taxi ways and necessary support facilities will be built.
After the completion of the first phase of the airport, 26 will be opened at a ceremony on February 2018. Other phases at the airport are scheduled to be completed while transport is in progress.

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