Native tram will be produced for the First Time in Turkey

Native tram will be produced in Turkey for the First Time:Bozankaya The tram, which was developed by 100, will be the first percent XNUMX low-floor vehicle, all of which are domestic design and production.
first time in Turkey, all phases from the design phase to the production phase of a tram will be held locally. Bozankaya AS, Turkey's first low-floor rail vehicle in the Xinjiang will produce OSB in Ankara.
Started production of diesel CNG and electric buses at its new location in Sincan OSB under the TCV brand last year and received the Industrial Register Certificate in 2015. Bozankayanow operates trolleybus, rail system vehicles, bus skeleton production facilities. Bozankaya plant, was recently visited by Vehbi Konarılı, Provincial Director of Science, Industry and Technology, and Binbaşar Karadeniz, Branch Manager.Bozankaya Automotive Machinery Manufacturing Import and Export Inc. ”with the name of the Industrial Registry Certificate.
First customer Kayseri Municipality
By taking the tender which was opened by Kayseri Municipality, 100 will launch the 2 set (30 wagon) tram to Kayseri Municipality within the next 150 year. The tram vehicle to be developed within the scope of the project will be a two-way 100 low-floor rail system vehicle.
High passenger capacity
So far, purchased abroad used tramcars, energy and environmental solutions planned, according to zero-emission principle, which causes low noise pollution, weight and space-saving, high safety and comfort, high passenger capacity modular and as intelligent systems now in Turkey It will be produced.
The tram is considered to be the first domestic vehicle in terms of many features due to its safety, environmentalism, passenger carrying capacity and low floor. In addition, engine power is more advantageous than competitors, while passenger carrying capacity is less than or equal to 300 in domestic and international products, Bozankaya 310 is designed to carry passenger capacity.
Original design
The curb weight will be lighter than 1,5-2 tons compared to the same segment vehicles. On the other side of the tram, all companies use the international tram standard EN 12663; The company carried out design activities based on the VDV152 standard which is coming into force in its product. In this way, the intellectual property rights Bozankaya A product based on local and original design will be obtained.
Abolish dependence abroad
Siemens / Germany, Bombardier / Canada, Alstom / France, Ansaldo Breda / Italy, CSR / China, CNR / China, CAF / Spain, Skoda / Czech Republic, Hyundai Rotem / South Korea, Mitsubishi / Japan 2 156 vehicles were purchased, including light rail vehicles (LTR) and trams. They are paid about 6,5 billion euros, while others are expected to be spent on labor, spare parts and inventory costs.
With the project, import purchases will be prevented and a significant amount of domestic production is foreseen. In addition, the reduction of Turkey's foreign dependence, subway experiences with this project and R & D infrastructure, and aims to switch to high-speed train sector.

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