Turkey became the champion of the world with mega projects

📩 10/12/2018 15:58

Turkey became the champion of the world with mega-projects: praise came from the World Bank for Turkey's mega projects. According to a report on the participation of the private sector in infrastructure projects Turkey and the 35.6 6.4 billion third airport in Gebze-Izmir Motorway billion dollars last year with the 40 percent of global investment he has absorbed.
The World Bank has released new data on the 'private sector participation in infrastructure projects' in the database. the bank said in a written statement regarding the data, Turkey's 2015 years 44.7 billion records that were expressed in an amount to raise the bar with 7 as the project's financial closing. Description of the transport sector in Turkey and the third airport in 35.6 6.4 billion Gebze-Izmir Motorway billion dollars last year with the 40 percent of global investment which also absorbs said. The statement dolar Global investment in 2015 has not changed significantly compared to the previous year, and 111.6 was $ 1 billion. Solar energy investments, the average of the last five years, the percentage of 72 passing through the investment, renewable energy investments accounted for almost two-thirds of private-sector investments yatırım said.
The statement stated that last year marked the mega-deal "attracted the most investment in the first five countries respectively 2015 Turkey, Colombia, Peru, the Philippines and Brazil have been. These five countries accounted for 74 of 66 billion dollars and the XNUMX of global commitments in the developing world la.
500 billion dollars to mega projects
In the statement, the size of the project has increased over the last four years, X 2015 year has been marked by mega agreements and 40 record has exceeded 500 million dollars dikkat. Clive Harris, the World Bank Public-Private Partnership Implementation Group Manager, said that the data in question shows that the investments in other emerging economies have increased rapidly to $ 99,9 billion dollars. X The 92 of these countries has committed a minimum of 11 billion in 2015, N Harris said. This is well above the previous years. Some countries, such as El Salvador, Georgia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Uganda and Zambia, have started to rise again after two years or longer. Ve

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