TÜDEMSAŞ Personnel Trained Wagon Brake System Training

TÜDEMSAŞ Staff Received Training for Wagon Brake System: TÜDEMSAŞ Staff received training on current issues related to constantly developing Wagon Brake Systems. General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan said that they attach great importance to education at TÜDEMSAŞ and that it is important for every staff to follow developments closely in their field.
Saykan Rail Systems Taşımacılık, Sanayii ve Tic. Ltd. Şti and Wabtec - MZT company staff training program on Wagon Brake system lasted 5 days. In the training, Project Manager Dragan Cvetkovski of Wabtec-MZT company in Macedonia informed the participants about the latest developments on brake systems.




  1. Brake training must be repeated every year .This training should be done in 1-6 regions. .fren installations and parts must be uniform or should be used interchangeably without modification. In the regions, it is difficult to have spare parts of various fins. It is cheaper to buy different systems and materials. It is a risk that if brake training is repeated, the members of the TCDD should also participate in the internship abroad. If the brake assembly or test is done wrongly in the affiliated partnerships, the head of the operating staff is heavy.