Drivers from Train Accidents

Train accidents in the drivers did not take lessons: Diyarbakir crossing the train crossing minutes before the passage of the passage of uncontrolled drivers continue to pass through the camera was reflected in the camera.
Minutes before the train passes, barriers have landed at the level crossing located at the hospital junction of Üç Kuyular, in Diyarbakır's central Kayapınar district, to prevent any accidents. Seeing this, drivers continued to cross the level crossing, ignoring the barriers and the sound of the siren. Public transportation buses were among the vehicles that ignored warnings and ignored the lives of passengers. The insensitivity of the drivers in the incident that invited death was reflected on the camera moment by moment.




    1. Railway road vehicles from time to time collide. Safety measures in the gate can be out of order .. In the light of the noise-evoked, lower / overpass should take measures such as municipalities. It's not a matter of reason.Makinist% 100 is not guilty because it is not guilty. So why not cuff your hands?