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Trolley Trolley Dragging Bankruptcy: The ongoing trolley construction is dragging the shopkeepers of Yahya Kaptan Neighborhood into bankruptcy. In addition to the never-ending works, the failure to open roads in the completed areas collects reaction from tradesmen.
The Yahyakaptan leg of the tram line work planned by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality from Sekapark to Bus Station started on December 6. The tradesmen of the region, whose roads to the workplaces were closed to traffic within the scope of these works, came to the brink of bankruptcy. The tradesmen are waiting for the places where the rails are laid and concrete is laid to open to traffic as soon as possible. Adil Kaya, Fevzi Gündoğan, Emin İnan, Hatice Gündoğdu, Burhan Akfındık, Ahmet Sarıoğlu, one of the tradesmen of Yahya Captain, came together and made statements.

Speaking on behalf of Yahyakaptan tradesmen, real estate agent Burhan Akfındık said, “We, as regional tradesmen, want the road from Arasta Park to be opened, where concrete is laid. Site residents cannot enter and leave their homes comfortably. We reach our workplace by overcoming a thousand and one obstacles. The work started on December 6th. We have been suffering since that day. The customer does not come, cannot come. It is said to end on December 31st. We're done before this job is finished. At least they should open the rails and concrete sections to traffic so that we can have a life water ”.

Akfındık also pointed out the mistakes made and said, “As of March, 2 was supposed to open this region to the so-called traffic. The rails are laid, the roads are drawn around, we think it will be opened fully, they say it was a mistake, they wash it again, they start to do it again. Electricity cuts, water cuts, gas explodes. Incompetence is made on incompetence. We address the authorities; Let them help the artisans. 7 has been a month, the men finished the bridge during this time, ours could not open the street, kul he said.



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