Deputy Regional Director of TCDD Nihat Aslan Visited Bozüyük

TCDD Deputy Regional Director in Bozüyük Nihat Aslan Found In Review: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 1 Regional Assistant Branch Manager Nihat Aslan, Bozüyük Fatih Mayor visited Carers.

During the visit to Bozüyük, discussions on the underpasses and overpasses were exchanged. After the visit, the Mayor, Deputy Director Aslan and his accompanying people, who moved to the TCDD overpass area in the station area, made observations here. Mayor Fatih Bakıcı, who made a brief explanation about the meetings held at the end of the visit, said, “We examined our railway overpass with our State Railways Regional Deputy Director upon the complaint of our citizens. After completing the deficiencies, I hope we will take over our overpass to our municipality and make it useful for our citizens. ”

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