Specific Study on Bird Migration on Third Bridge

Study on Bird Migration on the Third Bridge: 7 by the study conducted by 3 bird watcher. the impact of the bridge on bird migration. Voice, illuminated, painted warnings will be placed on the bridge
The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway, the third bridge of Istanbul to be opened on August 26, are working to protect biodiversity and to identify the measures to be taken during bird migration. The effect of the bridge on bird migration will be revealed with the study conducted by 7 bird watchers, consisting of a team of expert ornithologists, academicians and bird watchers. According to the report to be prepared, measures will be taken to prevent the birds from being affected by the bridge while migrating. Audible, illuminated and painted warnings will be placed at various points of the bridge. Two bird migration period of the year, indicating that took place in March-July and ağustoskas moon Ice Quality and Environment Director Alper Baysal, said bird migration is one of the most intense experience of Istanbul in Turkey.
Baysal said, “With this study, the intensity of bird migration, which birds pass at what time, where they come from and where they go will be determined. Their reproduction will also be detected. “Modeling work will be done with the results”.
Izmit Bay Crossing, Osman Gazi Bridge has been curved for the "Hersek Lagoon" where bird species live. The Hersek Lagoon, the accommodation point of migratory birds, determined the shape of the Osman Gazi Bridge, while the wetland was provided to host the birds for years to come.

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