Sivas High Speed ​​Railway Station

The location of Sivas High Speed ​​Train Station is not changed: Turkish Transport-Sen is a great investment which is closely related with the public opinion of Sivas and related to the high speed train station and high speed train station which will pass through the center of Sivas. we looked at the train station and talked to the authorities.
In Ankara, the high-speed train station is located next to the existing train station and a huge complex has been formed and is about to run. In Sivas, it is an important problem that should be solved urgently to be done by the existing train station in Sivas and the people who are coming to Sivas and both the railwaymen and the Sivas people should be solved urgently. This is going to damage Sivas, which is already done next to the railway station has been spent millions of money.
This nation's money will be going to the garbage unions Our vice president leader to fulfill the duty that we have on us and told us all the branch president our Ankara convened issue of decentralization and relevant to the Turkey and to explain to the Turkish State Railways general manager to account and other officials and opinion to consult with our interlocutors in order to consult with our interlocutors, and we will address this issue in every environment, and will be the prime minister who will solve the real issue here. to intervene in this matter and the rapid arrival of the scalpel to the subject and the rapid train of the Ministry of Transport in the period planned during the Ministry of Transport of the existing railway station to be made and competent in this regard We expect the people and civil society organizations to give orders and instructions to the provinces.



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