Selim Koçbay Reassigned

Selim Koçbay Reassigned to TCDD 3 for many years. Selim Kocbay, who was working as regional manager, was dismissed a while ago. Selim Koçbay, who returned to his post this week, examined the construction of the tunnel in the region with his foot powder. Tunnel TCDD 1 3, which is one of the main passages of the railway transportation between Balıkesir and Izmir and which is closed due to the occurrence of dams. It was repaired by the Regional Directorate. Koçbay said, başlat We will repair the tunnel in the tunnel in the 2-2.5 month and restart the flights between Balıkesir and İzmir “.
104 will be repaired again in the historical tunnel with the contractor company officials in the review TCDD 3. Regional Manager Selim Koçbay r In the 368 meter tunnel there is a damaged section in the 60 meter section. About this, Hacettepe University Geology Department and 9 Eylül University Department of Civil Engineering 90 prepared a project for the tunnel with daily work. They presented this project to TCDD Road Department. He completed all works related to this project at TCDD Road Department Presidency and approved the project. 3. The tender was made as a Regional Directorate and the tender was concluded. Today the contract will be signed and the place will be delivered. The construction period is 100 days but we will open this traffic to 2-2,5 months. No distress. The studies here will continue quickly on the 24 hour basis. It is closed to Balıkesir aSoma due to the migration in Tunel. There is no rail transportation between the main line of this tunnel railway and İzmir-Balıkesir. Work on this tunnel will be completed and opened to traffic in 2-2.5 months. Due to the fact that the line is closed, we have accelerated our work on signal and electricity. We have both audited these works and together with the company officials we can see the place and accelerate the operations. De


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