Opera Station discussion in Samsun (Video)

Discussion of Opera Station in Samsun: The name of the Opera station on the Rail System line in Samsun was changed to Büyük Mosque. Samsun residents discussed this decision.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ changed the name of the 'Opera' stop on the Light Rail Line. SAMULAS officials said, "There was an intense demand for the Durak name to be the Great Mosque".
Samsun Canlı Haber TV asked its views on this change made to the citizens. While some of the citizens stated that it was a right decision in terms of “awareness”, some citizens said that it was wrong to change a usual name.




    1. As an expatriate born and raised in Samsun ...
      I could never understand, digest and accept that this station was called "opera" while standing next to the "Big Mosque".
      Historical, cultural, sociological, recognition and so on, in this respect, I congratulate the great city of this great mistake, thanks to everyone who is instrumental.
      I invite those who find the negative to be equitable and demand a full consideration of the matter, even if they are a part of partyism.