Art lovers took action to return the Opera stop in Samsun

Art lovers took action to return the Opera station in Samsun: The name of the Opera station was changed to Büyük Mosque on the tram line between Ondokuz Mayıs University and Cumhuriyet Square in Samsun. As of yesterday, a signature campaign was initiated for the return of the Opera name to the station with a statement made by Samsunlu Sanat Lovers.
It was revealed that the public demand that Samsun Metropolitan Municipality had justified for the name change was based on the AKP members and reactionary media, who opposed the Opera by saying “we are not in our culture”. AKP's İlkadım Municipality and its local media,, had targeted the Samsun Opera and Ballet Directorate as hostility to the Qur'an in recent months.
Coming to the Atatürk Cultural Center at the Opera in March, as the guest of İlkadım Municipality, Ömer Döngeloğlu, the presenter of Kanal 7, asked for money to be collected for the Samsun Asarcık Quran Course at the conference titled 'National Spirit and National Excitement'. it prevented this. The incident was reported in the local press as Opera's 'hostility to the Qur'an, which did not reach 28 February'.
It is noteworthy that the name change followed the response of the Opera against the Opera. A signature campaign was launched yesterday on behalf of Artisans of Samsunlu on the name change that is reacted on social media.
The call addressing the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality The full text on site is as follows:
“On 6 June 2016, we learned from the newspapers that the name of the Opera tram stop, which was quietly in front of the Atatürk Cultural Center, was changed by a decision.
Institutions such as opera, theater, ballet are among the most proficient fields of art. Performing these art branches in a city is important for the development of the society. In addition, the highlighting of these art branches in a city gives the city an identity. So much so that the name of a tram stop in Samsun was Opera, which was a value for Samsun. This was a subject that our friends from outside of Samsun mentioned with praise, it was the pride of the people of Samsun.
Your recent change is a big disappointment for Samsun. It is unacceptable that the name of the Opera tram stop can be ironically constructed in the Grand Mosque. Moreover, the first day of Ramadan to make this change is thought provoking. Now stop confronting religious institutions and art institutions.
We call you, return the name of the Opera tram stop as soon as possible.
Art lovers from Samsun ”



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