Ropeway project will increase Uzungol's brand value

The cable car project will increase the brand value of Uzungöl: With its natural beauty, Uzungöl, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Eastern Black Sea, is ready for the Ramadan Feast and the afterlife.

Uzungol Tourism Association President Zeki Soylu, Ramadan Feast will be 9 day holiday in Uzungöl tradesman said they are satisfied, the bed capacity is not troubles, he said.

Soylu that Uzungol is now a world brand like Davos in Switzerland, said, In 2005 we have set a goal when we founded the association of tourism. Our goal was to be like Davos, a well-known tourist destination in the world. Today there is no difference from our Uzungol Davos'dan more. After the 2008 in the Middle East market in the Arab world has exceeded the limits of recognition, den he said.


Mustafa Akyüz, the President of Uzungöl Tourism Survival Association, said that if the cable car project is implemented, Uzungöl's brand value will increase further and they are looking forward to this project.

Stating that the work on the ropeway project, which is planned to be built between Karester Plateau and Uzungöl, continues, Akyüz said, “Works on establishing a cable car between Uzungöl and Karester Plateau are continuing. The distance between Karester Plateau and Uzungöl is 9-10 kilometers. clarity yet kazanWe know that the project work continues at the table and we follow it closely. We are already experiencing a problem in Trabzon, especially due to the narrow tourism season. In other words, the cable car is a must for us to spread this over more months. Therefore, if the cable car project is implemented, Trabzon will breathe much more easily in terms of tourism,” he said.

Akyüz pointed out that there is no longer any bed shortage in Uzungöl. “According to previous years, we do not have any serious problems about bed capacity. Today Uzungol's bed capacity is at the desired level. We are trying to accommodate our guests in the best way. We have the capacity to meet the demands, we do not have a problem. We will have a problem with traffic and just after the feast. We are thinking about making an attempt at the solution point of the relevant authorities and avoiding this problem. For us, traffic is a serious problem, Bizim he said.


The most important problems of Uzungöl is the development of the development of Akyüz stated that, ar Uzungol'un most important problem zoning. We are experiencing very serious problems with the uz 18 application “. The uncertainty continues. There are now court decisions close to 850 people are being tried. Citizens, tradesmen are tired about this issue, ta he said.

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