CHPden Samsize response to the tramma

Reaction to the tram hike in Samsun from CHP: Samsun Reaction to the tram hike from CHP. CHP Samsun Provincial President Tufan Akcagöz asked to withdraw the hike to the tram-rail system and private public buses
CHP Samsun Province President Tufan Akcagöz has reacted to the hikes that will be valid from 1 July 2016 on tram-rail systems and private public buses in Samsun.
Making a press statement about the hike made to trams and private public buses in Samsun, CHP Samsun Provincial President Tufan Akcagöz said, “In the direction of the decisions taken at the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) meeting, the price tariffs were increased in Samsun. It is very clear that the hikes, which are stated to be implemented as of July 1, 2016, have been implemented regardless of the economic situation of our people. It was announced in the decision that there was a hike in proportion to the existing price tariffs (PPI + CPI). However, there has not been an increase in the living standards of our people for a very long time. The rail system is a widely preferred means of transportation in Samsun city transportation. Therefore, the hike to the rail system means cruelty. The hike to private public buses in the districts puts our citizens in economic trouble, considering that the buses cannot enter the city center and our citizens who want to come to Samsun from our districts already have to use another vehicle. The AKP government says that on the one hand, things are going well and that the economy is on track; On the other hand, Akp municipalities continue to render our country uninhabitable with the hike policies they have implemented. Therefore, the Metropolitan Municipality should withdraw this meaningless raise decision. "

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