Last 15 Days on Osman Gazi Bridge

📩 10/12/2018 15:58

Last 15 Days on Osman Gazi Bridge: The construction of the Osman Gazi Bridge, which will reduce the road between Istanbul and Izmir to 3 and a half hours, has come to an end. The bridge will be inaugurated on June 30.
A large part of the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmit Highway project will be completed with the Osman Gazi Bridge, which will reduce the Izmit Bay crossing, which will take 60 minutes, and the connection roads, which will take 6 minutes from Istanbul to Izmir.
Osmangazi Bridge is the most important route of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway Project, with a total length of 384 kilometers, including 49 kilometers of motorway and 433 kilometers of access roads. Works on the Osmangazi Bridge, which is planned to open on 30 June, are continuing feverishly. Osmangazi Bridge forms the most important part of the highway, a thousand 550-meter mid-span and 2 thousand 682 meters in length, the world's largest mid-span suspension bridge between 4th, whereas Turkey carries the largest mid-span with a drawbridge that feature. Build-Operate-Transfer model performed with and without exiting single penny from the state coffers is expected to save $ 650 million annually Bridge Osmangazi Turkey.
Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım announced that the bridge will open on Thursday, June 30, in a program he attended in Istanbul the day before. A thousand workers are working and paving the Osmangazi Bridge, which will be opened 15 days later. When the motorway project is completed, the distance between Istanbul and Izmir will be reduced to 3,5 hours. Osmangazi Bridge will reduce the Kocaeli Bay crossing from 150 minutes to 6 minutes, and Eskihisar-Topçular from 60 minutes to 90 seconds.

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