He wants train tracks to be taken underground

Mukhtars want to take the train tracks underground: Mustafa Naci Güllü, head of the TARSUS Mukhtars Association, noted that the number of train tracks to 4 would be problematic if all level crossings in the Tarsus city center were closed and the city would be divided into two by the walls of the city. we want to be taken underneath, altına he said.
President Mustafa Naci Güllü, who visited our newspaper together with his friends from the neighborhoods where the railway network crossed, said, iki It is a good thing that the existing railway which has divided our city in two years and served as two lines to be supported by 4 error extraction and high speed train project.
This is a very nice project that will directly affect the life of the people of the region. Considering the new Yenice logistics village and the density of our Mersin port, I believe that this project will make a great contribution to the economy of our country. Bu
Güllü said, Gül We do not believe that our subway and road state will be wrong in such a project. We have to share the concerns of our people with the public and the authorities as the neighborhood headmen of the railway route representing the people of Tarsus. We think that the sound wall to be constructed and the level crossings that will be closed will create an outdated and ugly view to our Tarsus.
It is obvious that this will cause problems in the name of health institutions and security forces in our city. For these reasons, the railway network must be underground in the name of contemporary life in the city center, ın he said.


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