Summer train services start from Moscow to Sochi

Summer train services from Moscow to Sochi have started: Charter trains, which are specially organized for tourists, have started to serve on the Moscow-Sochi-Moscow route.
"Charter train transportation to tour packages, accommodation at the hotel and transfer from the train station to the hotel and back to the station," the Russian Railroad company (RJD) said in a statement. Food and travel services can also be included in the package. ”
Touristic trains will provide transportation from Moscow to Sochi on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday until August 30. At the same time, charter trains will be organized from Nizhny Novgorod to the sea. The cities of Kazan, Kirov, Perm and Samara are also among the plans of the company.
In 2014, Moscow-St. The "Summer Express" train served on the St. Petersburg-Moscow route.

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