Architects, Ankara Station under threat

Architects, threatened Ankara Train Station: Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch officials, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), along with the replacement of the main status, stated that under threat of all TCDD structure including Ankara Train Station and land.
4 Branch President Tezcan Karakuş Candan evaluated the decision to change the main status of TCDD published in the Official Gazette in June. Candan said:
Yap The management structure is changing with changing the main status. TCDD is faced with processes such as leasing of assets. The state has taken control of all these processes and takes control. TCDD is fully incorporated. TCDD has incredible land and assets. Each station where both station buildings and railways pass, is an important asset of TCDD and the guarantor of national independence.
TCDD is the most important transportation network during the war. If you give up on this, you're giving up your independence. If you corporatize and privatize it, companies with money start to become railroads, which will go badly in the processes of independence and independence of our future. Railways are the most important national values ​​in all countries. Lar Candan YHT also stated that due to the construction of the garage recently, they filed a criminal complaint regarding the trees cut on Celal Bayar Boulevard.

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