MHP Bursa deputy asked, Burulaş why does not fly

MHP Bursa deputy asked, Why does not end Burulaş: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and the company has stopped for a while Burulaş carrying the seaplane time the council agenda MHP Bursa deputy, Dr. Kadir Kocdemir, "Why not do the flights?" He asked. Edi So far, how much money was invested for air transportation, acılık said Koçdemir, Burulaş'ın aviation company to receive services for a large amount of debts in the claims requested.
Burulaş, one of the subsidiary companies of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which is frequently on the agenda with the complaints especially on the rail system, has been moved to the parliamentary agenda due to the seaplane flights that have been interrupted for a while. On the subject of the request of the Minister of Interior to respond to the demand of Efkan Ala MHP Bursa deputy Dr. Kadir Koçdemir reminded that Bandırma and Gemlik had not been operating for a while. Ina The reason for such cancellations is reflected in the press that Burulaş has not paid the debt to Bon Air Company for which it received service, ına Koçdemir said. Koçdemir asked the Minister of Interior, Ala:
Why did the seaplane flights between Burulaş and Bandırma? “Technical reasons asına are shown as the reason for the seaplane flights from Gemlik, what are the technical reasons? What is the amount of investment that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has already made for air transportation projects? Is it true that the allegations that Burulaş has a large amount of debt owed to the company, Bon Air, in which it receives service, is correct, and what is the amount of debt? Is the claim that the 40 meter was added to the platform used by Burulaş for the seaplane landing in Bandirma?

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