Metrobus molesters liberated from lynching

Metrobus molesters survived the lynch difficult: Metrobüste harassed the young girl next to her harassing Ahmet Çapkın, were badly beaten by passengers who were harassed, and then handed over to the police. Young girls who could not react to the harassment because of the shock, rebelled on social media. Ahmet Çapkın (35) who was beaten by the passengers with the allegations of harassing the young girl, was arrested by the court.
The passengers of the Metrobust on the previous night Söğütlüçeşme'den Avcılar'a Avcılar, who allegedly worked as a specialist in TUBITAK Ahmet Çapkın'e harassed the young girl sitting next to the big reaction showed. Passengers lifted the girl down from the young girl, kick kick began to shoot. Passengers who had been severely repugnant, later handed over to the police officers at the scene.
Ahmet Çapkın (35), who was referred to the prosecutor after his testimony at Levent Police Station, was arrested by the court and sent to the Metris prison.
Çisem Dağdelen, who reached Milliyet, said, ın I have been shocked by my life un. I was stalling my phone. After a while I felt a hand wandering around my legs, belly, waist and my genitals. I thought I was wrong first. I was scared when I realized it was going on. I couldn't react with sound. One person was camouflaged in his handbag and jacket with his hand. I was shocked. I'm stuck. My family, my fiance's family and I have an environment. I couldn't think of all this and make a sound. Tüm
Dağdelen said that he understood that other passengers were disturbed although he could not react, ın They removed the person from my side and said, 'Why is Elin there? Don't you be ashamed to harass? ' they said, and took off from the metrobust. Then they beat up the guy. "This is my girlfriend." However, I do not know this man remotely, O he said.

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