Metro Istanbul's Logo Turned Out to Exist from Sofia Metro

The Logo of Metro Istanbul Revealed From Sofia Metro: Last month, the logo of Metro Istanbul had changed, but when it was investigated, it was determined that the new logo that was liked was not original.
Although Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in the world, it met with the metro very late and it extended until the end of 2000s. While Taksim 4. Levent Metro became the first metro in Istanbul, the network expanded over time and applications such as metrobus, light rail systems came.
At the end of last month, the Istanbul Metro changed its name to Metro Istanbul and gained a different institutional structure. In addition, the logo of Metro Istanbul changed accordingly. Despite this, there is an interesting detail in the middle.

Although the logo of Metro Istanbul is liked and stylish by everyone, the logo is almost exactly the same as the logo of the city of Sofia in Bulgaria. When we look at Sofia Metro, we can see this similarity.
In short, Metro Istanbul didn't actually put a signature in this original work!
The new logo also evokes the logo of the Estampavision brand.

Sofia Metro logo

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  1. There is similarity to the logo M Logo, which has the information there is similarity, but in the same design as the Sofia metro 3 once changed form, there are other similar logos.