If the Assembly approves the woman's car comes

If the Parliament approves the women's wagon comes: Gökçek, who started the discussion of “women's wagon,, stressed that the reaction of the marginalized segments is unjustified and that the decision will be taken in the Parliament.
Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek started his Twitter account, "Shall we try to apply a separate wagon for women in the Ankara subway as in Japan?" made an explanation about the survey. Stating that the result of the survey resulted in the direction of "There should be a special wagon for women", Mayor Gökçek said, "The survey we conducted for the women-only wagon application made the leftists alarmed ... It was necessary to make a statement," and made a statement to his followers as follows: An arrangement has been made for… A safe environment especially for women traveling alone… I also posted the video of this practice in Japan. Then I made a survey asking 'shall we try it?' You know, leftists are more intense on Twitter than the rightists, however, 52 percent of those who said let's try it out… Participation was also high enough to make Twitter history… "
Stating that the result of the questionnaire caused discomfort in some circles, Gökçek said, “Good luck… The left has been in a hurry so don't ask. How would it be when the husband and wife left? What will happen when an adult goes with his older sister or mother? What was this not discrimination? Miş. Pretend… ”he said,“ Either we do the application or we do not do it separately… Not everyone has to get on the women's wagon… If his husband is with him, he is already safe. They get on the normal wagon together, it's all over. If the woman does not want to get on the women's carriage, she goes and sits with the men. The woman's own choice… "
Stressing that Turkey is a state of law MAG, he said: "No sir, they do not allow you were ... Take me, sir ... We decided to let the permit NEW Let's see ... Ankara mountain top? The rule of law ... Turkey Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assembly took a decision according to law m event ends ... Very curious I wanted them to look their heads in vain. "

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