Marmaray Flights are Delayed

marmaray tup
marmaray tup

Marmaray flights are delayed: An announcement from Marmaray's website stated that the flights are 'delayed' for technical reasons.

According to information received, the technical problem learned that the source of the electricity system, causes delay in voyages. No passenger is picked up for stations with density. Citizens using the trains, larda some stations in the fight due to delay. I had to wait a long time at Yenikapi station. Yen

Marmaray connects the railway lines on the European and Asian sides of Istanbul with a tube tunnel passing under the Bosphorus, Halkalı is a railway improvement and development project between 76 and Gebze. The 14 km between Ayrılıkçeşme and Kazlıçeşme, which includes the passage of the project, was put into service on October 29. There are a total of 2013 stations, even 3 underground.

Project, immersed tube tunnel (1.4 km), drilling tunnels (total 9.4 km), open-close tunnels (total 2.4 km), three new underground stations, 37 aboveground station (renovation and improvement), new operating control center, pitches, workshops , maintenance facilities, a new third line to be built on the ground and 440 to be supplied include modern rail vehicles



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