Transport and logistics sector gathered at TOBB

Transport and logistics industry was held at TOBB: Customs and Trade Ministry - TOBB Turkey Transportation and Logistics Coordination Meeting of the Assembly of TOBB Board Vice President Halim Mete was also held in Ankara with the participation. In the meeting where the sector showed great interest, expectations from the Ministry of Customs and Trade, customs problems and demands were expressed. Ministry officials also gave information about 2016 studies and 2017 projects.
Logistics Coordination Board is a great chance for our sector
In his opening speech, TOBB Vice Chairman of the Board Halim Mete talked about the activities of the Logistics Coordination Board established with the Prime Ministry Circular. Mete stated that five meetings have been held since April, including working group meetings, and the Board has made great efforts to recognize the sector, to understand and strengthen communication between ministries and institutions, and to act within the common mind. stated that all support was tried to be provided at both academic level.
Halim Mete said that they made important works in the direction of the development of the sector as TOBB, Çıldır-Aktaş, Dilucu Border Gates, launched in 2015. Halkalı Customs Directorate and Kapikule Tire Park, which explains the completion of the modernization of Mete, Çıldır-Aktas, Dilucu and Kapikule'nin opening as soon as possible HalkalıHe also stated that the angle of opening will be done.
Halim Mete reminded that the launch of the eTIR project initiated with Iran was carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Customs and Trade.
-Logistics Performance Index
2010 in 39 in the Logistics Performance Index. Situated in Turkey's 2014 30 years. Halim Mete stated that they are in good condition in olma Competence and Quality of Logistics Services Takip and Takip Monitoring and Traceability of Shipments olma.
-Orta Corridor Project must be owned by the sector
Halim Mete, who informed us that after the Russian crisis, our carriers had to pay for the additional collateral and the cost of the escort by the application of Plus Plus (+), Halim Mete stressed that it is very important to support the Middle Corridor Project, which is an alternative route to the north and south corridors, by the ministries and the private sector.
- Our geography limits us
Sezai Uçarmak, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade stated in his speech that geography is destiny and that there are problems at the doors of our country due to the problems caused by the geography we are in.
Flying to the Ministry of Finance on the collection of fines by credit card payment option is recommended that they expect a positive result, the gates in the gates of the customs found evaluations on the gates. Sezai Uçarmak stated that they aimed to create regulations for the development of the sector as the Ministry and they should work in this direction but the sector should create its own internal control. Indicating that the industry should use alternative customs gates, Uçarmak said that they are always ready to work with the sector.
Turkey's Transportation and Logistics Assembly Consultant Prof. Dr. Füsun Ülengin Lojsitik Performance Index and the Kapitan Andreevo Border Crossing at the meeting held a detailed presentation about Productivity Study Turkey Transportation and Logistics Assembly member associations, Rail Freight Association, T urkey Shipping Association, Courier and Logistics Operators, Turkey Freight Forwarders Association, International Freight Forwarders Association, International Sectoral problems and requests were conveyed by the Association of Transport and Logistics Service Producers.

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