Local Wags Produced in Bursa

Domestic Wagons Produced in Bursa are on the Rails: Three domestic wagons, which have successfully passed the passenger-free tests in Bursa, started test drives on normal lines. Citizens gave the local wagons full marks.
Winner of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's tender for 60 Bursaray wagons and 12 tramways Durmazlar The first domestic wagons produced by the company started test runs. Three domestic wagons, which have successfully passed the passenger-free tests, started passenger test drives on normal lines. Recep Altepe from the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor of Ak Party noted that Bursa had 48 cars in the Bursaray adventure that started with 162 cars.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality integrates the new wagons, which will increase the number of flights of Bursaray used in urban transportation.
Winner of the tender for the purchase of 60 wagons for use in Bursaray lines and 12 trams for use in urban lines Durmazlar While the trams delivered by the company transported passengers smoothly on the T1 line, now the first domestic wagons produced started the test journey on the rails.
The first domestic wagons carrying the passengers in a triple string of quality received full marks from the citizens.
Traveling on the labor line with the 3 domestic wagon, which is continuing its test journey, Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said that the population of the city has been receiving continuous migration and the population has increased by 80 thousand in the last year.
Expressing that the only solution to the traffic problem in this population increase is rail systems, President Altepe said, “Our rail system has extended to Görgülü, Kestel and Emek. There were troubles only due to the insufficient number of wagons. For this, we made our tender for the purchase of wagons. We got close to 450 million TL with the purchase of the domestic firm.
At the same time, our vehicles are more profitable both economically and in terms of service. When we started working 7.5 years ago, we had 48 wagons. Later, 30 wagons were added, including 24 and 54. Now 60 new domestic wagons are added. In other words, the number of our wagons which is 48 increases to 7.5 in 162 years.
Production of our vehicles continues. Some of them are being tested on the test track. All of our 3 vehicles, which pass pass-free tests, make passive test flights as a train. "All of our vehicles will be included in the system in a short time, and the number of trips will increase, the waiting time at the stations will be shortened."

Günceleme: 10/12/2018 15:59

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  1. The production of domestic wagons is beneficial for the country and the institution in matters such as preventing foreign currency from going abroad, the development of the supplier industry, the increase of employment, the maintenance and warranty issues in the country, the low cost, etc.Wagons; It is very important to test them in a multifaceted and healthy way in subjects such as adaptation, speed adaptation, brake lighting, acclimatization, curves and revolutions. I hope there are personnel trained in this regard in the municipality and the manufacturer company. If the municipality has trained / found a certified specialist in this kunu (good wagon driver), there is no problem.