Kabataş Seagull Project

Kabataş Martı Project: With the project change decision approved last May KabataşSea will be filled and a transfer center will be constructed in the form of a giant seagull flapping the coast, which is a protected area. Heavily used Kabataş What is going to happen during the construction of the ferry to the Ferry Port, the tram line and Taksim funicular is the subject of discussion.
Coming to the agenda again after the decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council 'Kabataş Seagull Project 'islands, KadıköyBağcılar with sea transportation coming from Bursa, BursaKabataş It aims to connect the tram line, the funicular system to Taksim and bus stops. Sea traffic and rail system are next to each other KabataşIt is stated that a square of 10 thousand square meters will also emerge after the project. In addition, vehicle traffic between Fındıklı and Dolmabahçe will be taken underground.
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Passengers who say that the project has not been informed about the project has been asked BIMER
or reported to the White Table but did not receive a response. Hundreds of Istanbul people use it every day Kabataş It is worried that the shore line transportation will be negatively affected by the construction. In the questionnaires distributed on the ferries, asking the passengers where to choose to move the pier strengthened the claim that the pier will be closed during construction, but uncertainty continues. Emphasizing that the vast majority of the passengers using this line are unaware of the project, Istanbul City Defense immediately requested detailed information.
The project is made without consulting the public and is a protected area. Kabataş It is also said that the texture of the beach can be damaged by such a project. After the project change, the new project has to be approved by the Conservation Board and if the sea is to be filled, an EIA report that investigates its environmental impacts should be prepared.
City Planners Chamber Istanbul Branch President Tayfun Kahraman, said in a statement to Bianet, açık Sea, land, rail line integration in order to solve the problems that affect traffic need an arrangement. However, it is not necessary to fill the sea nor the underground traffic. Such arrangements can be made when all lines are operating. Citizens 2-3 will do during the year-long construction? Vat said.

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