A radical error in tram projects in Izmir

Izmir's tram projects a radical mistake: Konak and Karşıyaka planner Çınar Atay, who prepared a comprehensive report on the tramways, evaluated that radikal radical error in its production, the project lacks public benefit proje.
IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality, the tender for millions of pounds and Karşıyaka While continuing the construction works of tram projects, Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Architecture, former faculty member of the Faculty of Architecture, City Planner, who also presided the Izmir No.1 Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board for a period Dr. The report prepared by Çınar Atay is of a nature to shake the city's agenda. The report was presented to the court by lawyer Mustafa Kemal Turan as evidence in the lawsuit filed by 335 citizens for the cancellation of the tram project. Stating that the revisions made in tram projects one after another revealed how amateurish the project was handled, Prof. Dr. Atay made the assessment, "It is a radical mistake to switch to the production of a project that has not been settled, has not been finalized and where it will be passed is still not clear.
Prof. Dr. Atay stated in his report that the implementation of such a project would mean damaging public property and values, and argued that the Metropolitan Municipality should turn off the project as soon as possible. Reminding that the cost of every revision made in the project is out of the pocket of the country in particular, İzmir, Çınar Atay said, “Loading the negative material and moral consequences of a tender made before the route is determined and finalized cannot be incompatible with the equity criteria. For this reason, there is a public interest in the urgent cancellation of a project whose route has not been determined yet and whose route was still changed even in 2016 ”in the report. Emphasizing that the project lacks public interest, Atay said that in the conclusion part of his report, Konak and Karşıyaka He put forward the opinion that the abandonment of tram lines is necessary to prevent the future of Izmir from being mortgaged. Atay stated that the terms of the tender have also been turned into a colander and the tender has no validity.
Stating that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing projects to bring Izmir residents to the sea, on the other hand, narrowing the recreational areas such as sidewalks, walking and bicycle paths on the coastal part, Atay said, “Municipalities behaving ambivalently is a criminal factor in legal status. . With the process carried out, the relationship between the shore and human has been cut, in other words, people's access to the shore has become more problematic. In order to access the coastal area, it will become an adventure to reach the shore by crossing the tramway, carriageway, towage, again the carriageway and the tramway. This is not a correct coastal utilization policy ”. Atay argued that there will be a safety hazard in mixed traffic due to the tram line, that will be located on many roads that are already congested and chaotic, and that there will be serious slowdowns and problems in traffic flow and other types of public transport due to the signaling system, which is a palliative measure. Prof. Dr. Atay emphasized that there will be big problems in traffic circulation especially at intersections and square crossings.

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