Support for collective transport to LYS in Izmir

📩 10/12/2018 16:00

Mass transportation was reinforced for LYS in İzmir: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality made arrangements for public transportation due to the License Placement Exam (LYS) to be held on June 18–19 and June 25–26.
Bus services were strengthened so that the candidates could reach the examination centers without difficulty. General Directorate of ESHOT increased the number of voyages due to exams held at the weekend. According to this, the test centers were concentrated, metro-connected lines and 525 and 412 lines were taken into consideration by taking extra hours.
The 290, 353, 390 and 690 lines will be available on Saturdays and Sundays in accordance with the morning exam hours. Sufficient number of buses will be allocated to the city center from the regions where examination centers are located at the end of the exam.
İzmir Metro station due to the passenger density due to the test to increase the number of expeditions. 18 June and 25 June Saturdays, the 07: 00 - 10: 00 hours between the time of the 5 min. Likewise, İzmir Metro will have a X 12 every one minute N between 00: 14 - 00: 4,5 at the end of the exam. On the 19 June and 26 June Sundays, the gün 5 will be performed once in a minute “.
The new gulf ferry service is on the service with the continuation of the İZDENİZ accelerate the intensity of the weekdays on Saturday and apply the schedule. IZDENIZ, on Sunday, until the hour 10'i will perform again on weekdays.

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