İZBAN Selçuk Station ready for October

📩 09/12/2018 18:30

İZBAN Selçuk Station ready for October: The rough construction work at Selçuk Station was completed.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the 32 million pounds investment in the 26 136 kilometers to extend the XNUMX mileage will increase the construction of the Seljuk axis has made a great progress. The rough construction work at Selçuk Station was completed and the escalator installation started.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is the largest urban public transportation project in the history of the Republic of Turkey, is being carried out in cooperation with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD. İZBAN line is extended to Selçuk after Torbalı. Having previously completed the 80 kilometers of the 32 kilometer and the 26 kilometer further, the Municipality of Torbali completed the construction of the highway and sub-overpasses and opened the service in February. The Metropolitan Municipality made significant progress in the construction of the XNUMX kilometer Selçuk line.
Selçuk Station ready for October
He completed the rough construction of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Selçuk Station. Reinforced concrete production of the ticket hall and platform was completed. Fine work, tile, suspended ceiling, ceramic and door works are finished. The porch was installed in Peron region. Coating and glass processing will begin in this section. The 6 of the 2 escalator was installed. Electrical and mechanical and architectural manufacturing at Selçuk Station will be completed in October. The station will cost 8,5 million pounds.
Health station also works full throttle
The second station of Selçuk İZBAN line is the olan Health u station at 1. reinforced concrete manufacturing of the ticket hall with the bay section of the floor was completed. 2. reinforced concrete manufacturing of the ticket hall on the floor continues. 2. The production of the roof of the ticket hall on the floor was started in the workshop. The factory continues to manufacture escalators to take place at this station. The station, which will cost 5,5 million pounds, will be completed in October.
Highway upper and lower crossings continue
3 pieces underpass are manufactured with the 4 highway overpass between Tepeköy and Selçuk Municipality of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. The bridge construction of the 2 highway crossing was completed and opened to the vehicle traffic. The construction of the highway bridge in Çaybaşı continues. 2 highway culverts between Health and Belevi were completed. One of the 2 highway openings between Belevi and Selçuk was completed and the other one came to 70. The production of underpasses with highway overpasses, which will cost 18 million pounds, will be completed in October.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Selcuk IZBAN line, except for the expropriation costs 32 million pounds will be invested.
According to the protocol made by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with TCDD, the station works of the Seljuk line and the sub-overpasses of the highway are made by the Metropolitan Municipality. TCDD will perform line laying works, signalization, kataner system and protection walls.

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