A brand new solution to Istanbul traffic

A brand new solution for Istanbul traffic: You can't change the traffic in Istanbul but you can change your life. Live in the heart of the city and in a neighborhood where you can easily reach everywhere to get the traffic out of your life.
Mes good life… at the center of the transportation axles merkez A new life in the city center but away from the chaos of the city, within walking distance of all living units Ulaşım
In Zeytinburnu, where the sea, land and rail system transportation axes of Istanbul intersect….
To make sea transportation a part of daily life and to enjoy life and to save time Deniz
With the Marmaray Zeytinburnu stop, which is planned to open at the end of the 2016, it will be fast to reach every point on the metro line.
Being next to the Eurasia Tunnel, removing the bridge traffic from your life… And being close to all public transport stations….
Contact ”Good Life” in Büyükyalı without traffic
With the assurance of Emlak Konut, Özak REIT, Ziylan Real Estate and Yenigün Construction are implementing a new marine district, which focuses on the concepts of ına good life and human Emlak, as lan Büyükyalı İstanbul Emlak. Buyukyali is located in a central location where the new transportation axles of Istanbul intersect and are easily accessible without traffic to every point.

Located in the center of the city with the Marmaray and Eurasia Tunnel near Büyükyalı
One of the most important transportation advantages of Büyükyalı is Marmaray Zeytinburnu Station, which is located within walking distance of the project and is planned to be opened at the end of 2016. Also in December 2016, the Eurasia Tunnel, which is planned to enter into service for the passage of motor vehicles and which will connect two sides of Istanbul with the tube gate, is located near the project.

When life starts in Büyükyalı, new transportation axles will be integrated
When the Büyükyalı project is completed, the Marmaray Zeytinburnu stop, the Eurasia Tunnel and the new coast road, which is still under construction, will be completed and integrated into each other. Thus, the inhabitants of Büyükyalı can easily reach saatler good life Böylece without losing hours in traffic.
Transportation to Istanbul's aya new strait azı by footbridge
The Zeytinburnu Coastal Road, which was reorganized to become compatible with the Eurasian Tunnel, will not only relax the traffic in the region, but will also offer cycling, running and hiking. Thus, residents of Büyükyalı will benefit from all the advantages of living in a seaside neighborhood by walking directly from the pedestrian bridge.
Sea transportation will be a part of daily life
Büyükyal of; It aims to make sea transportation, which is not frequently used in Istanbul, part of daily life. The project, which is planned to be implemented, will save time by producing solutions to heavy traffic with the sea shuttle. 10 km to Atatürk Airport, 8 km to the Historic Peninsula, and 12 km to Taksim Square and Nişantaşı, Büyükyalı provides a direct connection to important points such as Bakırköy and Yenikapı İDO.
Launch in the last quarter of 2016
The architectural project of Büyükyalı, which is located on the coastal road of Kazlıçeşme, is awarded by Chapman Taylor, the winner of more than 200 awards. The concept of the project; Pedestrian comfort, traditional neighborhood culture, neighborhood life, colorful social life and cultural diversity that supports ı new urbanism geleneksel is the current flow. In Büyükyalı, which will rise in total 111 acre, the 452 unit will be launched in the first place and the neighborhood is planned to start at the end of 2019.

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