IETT organized additional flights for Ramadan

IETT organized additional flights for Ramadan: special lines for Ramazan from IETT. Additional travel arrangement for Ramadan! IETT to provide easy and convenient transportation to Istanbul people in Ramadan, special lines of Ramadan, 24 hours will work without interruption.
In order to provide easy and convenient transportation to Istanbulites, IETT's special lines will be operated without interruption. Initiated by IETT, special lines are put into use R24 Uzunçayır-Maltepe Beach Park, R1 Yenikapı-Cevizlivineyard, R3 The Eyüp-Beyazıt lines provide easy access to the sacred sites and activity areas.
The statement of the R-3 line will run for 24 hours, and the following information was given:: The route of the Ramazan line of Eyup-Beyazit (R3) has not changed this year. Thanks to the Eyüp-Beyazıt line, the citizens will have the opportunity to visit the mosques such as Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet, Beyazit, Suleymaniye, Sehzadebasi, Cardan-i Sharif, Iskenderpasa, Fatih, Mihrimah Sultan and Eyup Sultan. The Ramadan line, which will serve between Beyazit and Eyup Sultan, will serve 3 bus 7 days 24 hours on business days and weekend.

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