The pink bus that surprised us from IMM:

Saadet Partisi Istanbul Provincial Women's Arms, the first time in 2012 and 60 collected the signature of a large public opinion has created the new metamorphosis of the pink metrobus renewed.
In the press release made by Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Women's branches, it was emphasized that Pink Metrobus is not a luxury or a favor, but an indispensable and urgent need for women living in this huge city. It was underlined that the demand for pink metrobus would not be abandoned in the explanation of women's branches, where the demand was always stated to be on their agenda.
Metrobüs, which started its service in 2007 in order to find solutions to the traffic of Istanbul, carries passengers with occupancy, especially during business hours. Saadet Party Women's Branches wanted to bring ve Pink Metrobüs e in Metrobuses in 2012 in order to make more quality travel for mothers traveling with their children. The women's arms for the pink metrobus, demanded from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, had collected a thousand signatures and created a great public opinion. Pink Metrobus did not give up the request of the Saadet Party Istanbul Women's Arms, with his press release renewed the demands of the pink metrobus.
In the press release made by women's branches, the "Pink Metrobus" project was brought to the agenda of the Assembly, which was convened in March 2012 through the members of the Metropolitan Municipality's Saadet Party, and the proposal was submitted to the Presidency of the Assembly and was transferred to the presidency. As Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Women's Branches, we delivered 60 signatures that we collected in a short time to Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş by mail. The response sent to us with the signature of the Deputy Secretary General, in a sense, has been confirmed by our reasons, and it has been said that "Work is underway to reduce passenger density". In addition, transit alternatives are offered as solutions for increasing the number of trips and for Metrobus stop crossings. It was also stated that the density was observed with the camera and the solution was sought. All these statements support the justification of the Pink Metrobus demand. The exchange of views with the authorities in this response and other meetings we have received is far from meeting our request. Besides, unfortunately, despite the time elapsed, our requests for appointments from authorized persons were not even answered. ”
The statement said: den Pink Metrobus asa is not a luxury or grace for ladies living in this gigantic city, but a crucial and urgent need to ignore. The principle of muamele positive discrimination against women etmek in the Constitution indicates that they have a privileged treatment of disadvantaged groups. We would like to repeat the request of Mr. Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, who is expecting a tan positive action uz in the context of uz deliberately preferential treatment X. The ın Pink Metrobus ”application, which attracts great attention and is followed with interest, will always be on our agenda despite the indifference of the authorities. We will continue to support the works of the NGOs that are working for iz Pink Metrobus ve and to reach Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality until we reach our metrobus for the ladies. We would like to thank our citizens and NGOs who supported us in this auspicious work, and we hope that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will take action as soon as possible to meet this demand. Lar
İBB: 'We did not find suitable'
On the other hand, Ebrar Bezci, Vice President of the Provincial Women's Branch of Saadet Party, told İBB on his twitter account: “I would like to have my signature made for @ PembeMetrobüs from @ istanbulbld. After asking the question “Is it too much?”, IMM said, “It was not found appropriate”.

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