Fast train project can paralyze traffic in Adana

The high-speed train project can paralyze traffic in Adana: Due to the high-speed train project between Adana-Mersin State Railways (TCDD) in Adana, the underpass in front of the governor's office in Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard is planned to be closed for 6 months. While implementing the project that will accelerate the train, closing the lower passage from the main arteries connecting the north and south of the city is at risk of causing serious problems in transportation.
TCDD Regional Directorate, who applied to Adana Metropolitan Municipality, asked the traffic in the subway to be given in the other direction before the work on the train line. A reference to the gateway, which was also having problems with water from time to time in extreme rains, led 18 to the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), which had representatives of different institutions. UKOME also established a commission to report. The Commission is trying to solve the problem by finding an alternative route to the traffic density in the region where thousands of vehicles pass each day.
Among the alternatives, there is also an underpass under construction on the road connecting the Turkmenbashi Boulevard to the Traffic-Airport junction on the D-400 Highway. If the construction work is completed, it is planned to transfer a part of the traffic density to the other and to use the dam route and the Dilberler Sekisi routes. Both options indicate an increase in the current traffic flow.
Since the planned additional line is within the scope of the high-speed train project, there is also the possibility of closing the subway completely. It is stated that the underpass can jeopardize the safety of the high-speed train, so the option to close it is on the agenda.

Günceleme: 10/12/2018 16:01

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