High speed train line divides the agricultural land in Konya into two

The high-speed train line divided the agricultural lands in Konya into two: The high-speed train passing through Konya's Kadıhanı district suffered 14 villages. Due to the railway that divides Sarıkaya Village into two, the villagers have difficulty in going to the agricultural lands. The rubble that spilled on fertile lands during road construction has still not been removed.
The Ankara-Konya high-speed train line, which passed through the Sarıkaya village of Konya, women's city, affected 14 village negatively.
With the construction of the train line, the villagers have difficulty in reaching agricultural lands. Because this line has divided the village into two.
The use of an underpass for the villagers is not allowed. The hanging signboard also says that living things are forbidden. Citizens have to pass their tractors and animals in another way by 2 times because it is forbidden to pass through this subway.
Underpasses, which are not allowed to pass by citizens, are filled with water in 3-4 meters in autumn and winter.
During the construction of the railway line, debris and stones are poured into the most productive agricultural area of ​​the village. The villagers complain about this situation.
The village headman, Bahattin Baysal, said that he had made a complaint everywhere, but there was no return.

Günceleme: 10/12/2018 15:55

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