Defending Haydarpaşa interview in Historical Gar

At the Historic Station, a conversation about Defending Haydarpaşa was held:Kadıköy On the last day of the 8th Book Days organized by the Municipality of Haydarpaşa Station, a talk about Defending Haydarpaşa was held. Speaking in the interview Kadıköy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu said, “They are always trying to come out with us rent projects and sell our past. We can only prevent these by creating public pressure. '
Kadıköy On the last day of the 8th Book Days organized by the Municipality of Haydarpaşa Station, a talk about Defending Haydarpaşa was held. Interview Kadıköy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu, former Secretary of United Transport Union Hasan Bektaş and President of the Chamber of Architects Eyüp Muhcu attended as speakers. Hasan Bektaş made the first speech in the conversation where the readers who came to the book days showed great interest.
Speaking about the historical features of Haydarpaşa Train Station, Bektaş said, 'Haydarpaşa is a place that every person coming from Anatolia stops by. A seafront place at the entrance of Istanbul. Therefore, this situation increases appetite for rent, "he said. Stating that they have been against Haydarpaşa Station and its surroundings from the beginning, Bektaş said, 'We, as Haydarpaşa Solidarity, have struggled to remain here in terms of social memory. For 1559 days, there are no main train trains to Haydarpaşa. Millions of passengers were victimized. Many employees were unemployed. But we will continue our struggle. We will endeavor to use Haydarpaşa for transportation. Organizing book days, bringing sensitive citizens together at Haydarpaşa Station Kadıköy I thank the Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu. '
Speaking after Hasan Bektaş, Eyüp Muhcu stated that Haydarpaşa Station and its surroundings are in danger like other public spaces that are intended to be built in Istanbul, and that book days are a very important activity against cultural attacks. Stating that the importance of cultural assets used as a workplace has not been realized, Muhcu stated that after the actions of Haydarpaşa Solidarity, many people have realized the historical importance of Haydarpaşa Station. Haydarpaşa Train Station's both Istanbul and KadıköySaying that 'is very important in terms of social memory, Muhcu,' Haydarpaşa describes the architecture of the period very effectively. It is also very important for the transportation of Istanbul. However, 5 million passengers cannot benefit from transportation in the last 200 years, "he said.
Expressing that Haydarpaşa Train Station should be used for transportation again, Muhcu called on citizens to be sensitive to Haydarpaşa's protection.
Speaking after Eyüp Muhcu Kadıköy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu stated that all public lands in Istanbul were put up for sale and said that Haydarpaşa Train Station was also being privatized.
Y They are trying to destroy our past “
Nuhoğlu underlined that there is a memory of everyone in Haydarpaşa Train Station. Sürekli Haydarpaşa is our past. We are constantly trying to sell our past and sell our past with rent projects. We can only prevent them by creating public pressure '
Haydarpasa Train Station and its surroundings were tried to open rant but the public is pressured to stop it, stating that Nuhoglu, Haydarpasa'nın public space to show that the people of the troubled days of breath and happy to be able to take a comfortable day to organize the day of the book we have organized. Nuhoğlu stated that he believed that trains would be lifted again from Haydarpaşa and that the book days were made by the municipality employees. Hatta Even our employees made posters, designs and even bridges. If required, the public may organize the necessary organizations. We are against privatization in the public sector, 'he said.

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