Book travel in Haydarpaşa

Book journey in Haydarpaşa: The Book Days, which were moved to the historical Haydarpaşa Train Station, were inaugurated this year. On the one hand, the readers of the event toured the stands, on the other hand, sitting in the wagons and reading books
İstanbul Kadıköy Municipality Kadıköy He carried the Book Days, organized with his volunteers, to the historical Haydarpaşa Station this year.
The authors will meet book lovers at the platforms of Haydarpaşa Railway Station in the eighth event this year. 5 publishing house and 112 non-governmental organizations are participating in Book Days, which started yesterday and will continue until 8 June. During the event, 53 interview, signature day close to 600 and workshop will be open to participation.
'We miss you so much'
The opening ceremony of the 8th Book Days yesterday Kadıköy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu, Guest of Honor Selim Forward, Turkey Publishers Association President Metin Celal, Prof. İlber Ortaylı was realized with the participation of publishers, writers and book lovers.
Since the early hours of the morning, many visitors came to the event area. In addition to visiting book stands, book lovers had souvenir photos taken at the historical station. In Book Days, where part of the signing days are held in train wagons, anyone can sit in the wagons and read books. The joint request of the participants is to reopen Haydarpaşa Railway Station as a train line. The readers who attended the event said, çok We miss that historical station very much during our childhood. We used to send our loved ones from Haydarpaşa. Again, such events, but the old nostagic train station should be given to us. ”
Donate at least 100 books
8 will be attended by many writers including Buket Uzuner, Emre Kongar, Adnan Özyalçıner and Ataol Behramoğlu. A social responsibility project will be realized at Book Days. Each publishing house participating in Book Days will donate at least 100 books to schools and libraries.
'I wouldn't want to disturb anyone'
There were criticisms on the social media about Selim Gün, the Guest of Honor of the Book Days, to participate in the event. "I wish they had said, I wouldn't want to disturb anyone," Ileri said. Stating that she was very excited to be the Guest of Honor of the fair, Ileri,KadıköyI met with my closest comrade books in. I had a colorful day like the signature days of my youth. I wouldn't have thought of coming to Haydarpaşa Station. I will be very happy if I see this place as a train line again. ”


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