Book Days at Haydarpaşa Train Station ended

Book Days held at Haydarpaşa Train Station came to an end:Kadıköy Organized by the Municipality at Haydarpaşa Train Station, the "Book Days" ended.
Kadıköy “Book Days” organized by the Municipality at Haydarpaşa Train Station came to an end. 100 thousand readers visited the five-day Book Days, and over five hundred thousand books were sold.
180 publishing houses and non-governmental organizations participated in the Book Days, where history and literature meet in the historical atmosphere of Haydarpaşa Train Station. Around 600 writers, artists and illustrators, during the signature days held on three separate platforms named after Yaşar Kemal, Gülten Akın and Tahsin Yücel, who are the masters of the literary world. met with the reader. During the Book Days, 50 cultural events such as conversations, panels, poetry recitals, reading hours and children's activities were held.
Of the whole organization Kadıköy 150 people worked for five days in the event, which was run by municipality employees and volunteers. The safety, cleaning and organization of the area was done by the employees.
In Book Days, where everyone from seven to seventy showed great interest, the trains waiting between the platforms attracted the most attention after the books. Hundreds of thousands of photos taken on rails and wagons were shared on social networking sites. Travel was also made to the memories of Book Days, trains and Haydarpaşa Train Station, where those who bought their books sat and read books in wagons and relieved their tiredness.
One of the colorful images in Haydarpaşa was the visit of the married couples to Book Days. Kadıköy The couples whose mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu had their wedding took off at Haydarpaşa station after the wedding.
Around 10 books were collected from the book donation campaign to the libraries and schools in Anatolia, where publishers and readers attended. Kadıköy The books delivered to the Municipality will be sent to libraries and schools that request book donations in the coming days.
Speaking of Book Days Kadıköy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu: Haydarpaşa is a historical heritage. It has been a public domain for 2 thousand years. "We wanted to bring history and literature together and draw attention to Haydarpaşa by organizing Book Days in Haydarpaşa." Stating that Haydarpaşa Train Station is a gateway from Anatolia to Istanbul, Nuhoğlu said, “This station is also a memory. Everyone has memories here. We went on trips from here. We came here on the road. In this historical atmosphere where our travel stories and memories are, we set out on a journey this time to books. Istanbulites showed great interest in Book Days. Only KadıköyWe had visitors from almost all over Istanbul, not from Turkey. Publishers and readers are also very pleased with this event. We did not take the train from here, but our first trip to the books from here was short but very beautiful. It is a great honor and honor for us to see the expressions on people's faces and to be thanked ”.
Expressing that they once again saw that there was such a need in the Anatolian Side with the intense interest of the readers to Book Days, Nuhoğlu said, “With the Book Days we organized in Haydarpaşa, the book has returned to Istanbul. We both brought history and literature together and brought the reader and the book together. "We will meet the readers with a bigger organization next year," he said. Evaluating the readers' interest, Nuhoğlu said: “Readers seemed to come to a place of their own. Haydarpaşa is our home and we returned to our house on one occasion. He touched and bought books between platforms. He sat in the compartments, read the book he had bought, and relieved his tiredness. "


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