Earthmoving Truck Metrobus (Video)

The excavation truck entered the metrobus road: The accident in the metrobus locked the traffic in Istanbul. Between Küçükçekmece-Cennet metrobus stop, the excavation truck entered the metrobus road. While it was among the first information that there were many injuries in the accident, it was stated that the metrobus services stopped on the European Side.
Küçükçekmece E-5 highway due to rain due to the loss of control of an excavation truck lost the control of the metrobus road, hit the metrobus in the direction of Topkapi. As a result of the impact of the truck toppled, a large number of people were injured in the accident occurred.
Küçükçekmece location E-5 An excavation truck on the highway looking rainy weather due to the loss of steering and entered the path of metrobus. In the meantime, while driving to the top of the metrobüse metropolitan car crashing, the impact of the impact of the stone and rock fragments in the truck was filled with metrobusun. A large number of people injured in the accident occurred, the surrounding citizens immediately police, health and fire teams informed the situation. Many health, fire and police teams were referred to the scene. After the first interventions at the scene, the wounded were taken to various hospitals in the vicinity to be treated.


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