Gotthard Tunnel is printing money

The Gotthard Tunnel began to print money: the tunnel is excavated, how the stones are broken, the groundwater is evacuated and the temperature is evaluated according to the images, photographs and sometimes drawings are explained.
On the weekend, I traveled in the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland, which won the world's longest tunnel title in June, with the official opening of the 1 in June with the participation of European leaders. At the beginning and end of the tunnel journey, which is an important engineering and technology work, I gained an interesting experience and experience on how such a work can be made worthwhile. The introduction of a tunnel of 20 minutes cannot be done otherwise.
Our train, which passes 250 miles from Zurich to Milan, passes 2300 meters below the Alps, from Erstfeld, the starting point of the 57 km Gotthard Tunnel. Our 20 underground journey in the dark was terminated at the Biasca station. Already the whole tunnel ride is that much. There is no travel. Because of the promotion Gotthard one-way opened. For now, only one of the two tunnels was in service, so we made our return to Zurich over the old railway line, but longer.
For the purpose of publicity, the return is from the new Gotthard Tunnel, and the turn is done via the old railway. What is achieved and how it is benefited is almost alive. The importance and value of the Gotthard Tunnel cannot be understood without making a trip to these old and new ones. On our way back to Zurich via the old challenging route, our train has gone by exhibiting the natural beauty of the Alps. Sometimes a mountain around the 2 times, passing through the short tunnels. So we had seen some villages and churches 2 so far. The new tunnel will eliminate the long journey and the environmental damage will be reduced.
There's no cost to go through the tunnel. It's pretty crowded right now. Therefore, it is necessary to move planned. As I have learned from Swiss Travel System officials, the tunnel travel varies between 110 and 160 Euro. 100 is expected to visit around a thousand tourists during the opening week. When you step into Erstfeld, the starting station of Gotthard, you can see that there is a serious organization for Switzerland and its products. The weather, the clarity of the Alps, the foggy, smoky, snowy hills affect those coming. There are lots of tents, kiosks, open worktops, portable wooden shops, and places that offer food-like iftar tents. The same landscape is located in a larger area and at the Biasca station at the end point of the tunnel with more density. Together with their children from Switzerland and Europe, there are a lot of people from different countries of the world.
The tunnel is not yet fully finished. However, only one section is opened and promoted and income is provided. However, it is not possible to remove the hats for the works, expenditures, thoughts and the works put out for the promotion of the tunnel.
They thought like a living museum. The venues were very well described in various ways. It appeals to the youngest child, the oldest person and the most curious of these subjects. He can buy the stones of the tunnel from the gift. Specially designed and manufactured for the Gotthard Base Tunnel, various souvenirs are also in demand.
I set off for the tunnel, but to me it was surprising to see a good publicity and what the organization was capable of. I can't say anything for the 20 minute tunnel journey. Because the Gotthard Tunnel between Zurich and Milan will start to serve at 11 December 2016. So we can only write the story of the distance between the 2 city and the 1 hours shortened by this tunnel. But the Swiss are now writing another story with tourists flocking to their country's tunnel. If so, 17 will take half a year for the tunnel, which costs 10.3 billion dollars a year.



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