China develops trolley running with hydrogen (Video)

China has developed a hydrogen-powered tram: We are going through days when alternative energy sources are more involved in our lives. An example of alternative energy use came from China. In China, a tram was produced that would draw its power from hydrogen.
One step to reduce the harmful greenhouse gases that China releases in the atmosphere came from Sifang, a subsidiary of China Southern Rail Corporation. Sifang produced the world's first hydrogen-powered tram. A total of two years were spent on research and development activities to produce the tram. At the end of this process, a tram emerged, which was powered entirely by hydrogen fuel cells. Since the developed vehicle is not a train but a tram, its maximum speed is limited to 70 km per hour. In addition, the vehicle will be used only in cities. The passenger capacity of the vehicle is 380 people.
It takes only 3 minutes to fill the trolley and the vehicle offers a range of 100 kilometers. According to the company's statement, the new tram will help to clean the air and reduce operating costs in cities. The only release / waste of the tram will be water. Moreover, since hydrogen fuel cells will be stored below 100 degrees, nitrogen oxide release will not occur in any way.



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