Countdown started, 7 will launch the 3 giant project per month

📩 10/12/2018 16:00

The countdown has begun, 7 giant projects will be put into service in 3 months: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that three of the highly anticipated giant projects in the world with its technology and size will be put into service this year, saying, “The Osman Gazi Bridge will be opened on 30 June, Yavuz Sultan Selim. Bridge to the service of our citizens on 26 August and the Eurasia Tube Crossing on 20 December ”.
In a statement Arslan, the Prime Minister launched in Binali leadership Lightning and expressing their coming to an end in some huge project eagerly waiting for the world, he said that among the largest projects in the world an important part of the construction of ongoing projects in the transport sector in Turkey.
Arslan said voicing into service until the end of year three of the giant project, Turkey's transportation works will be put into service this year will move beyond the world standards, he said.
Noting that the Eurasia Tube Crossing and the Osmangazi Bridge will make a significant contribution to the transportation of the country, Arslan said, “Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will provide transit transportation as well as domestic transportation on the highway. In addition, after the railway line connection is completed, it will also provide international railway transportation. " he spoke.
Arslan emphasized that the giant projects that contribute to the country's economy during the construction phase will have greater contributions when they are put into service, and that in the last 14 years, important steps have been taken in transportation and communication under the leadership of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and the vision of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to the sector in order to facilitate the lives of citizens. He said that 253,5 billion lira was invested.
"World's 4th largest bridge opens on June 30"
Leo, who embodies many of the on-site Osmangazi Bridge not only in Turkey, noting curiously in the world that awaited project, "252 meter tower height of 35,93 m deck width with a bridge, a thousand 550-meter mid-span and a total of 2 thousand 682 meters It is the world's 4th largest bridge in length. Osmangazi Bridge is an exemplary project in terms of saving time and fuel. With this bridge, the road that takes about 2 hours around the Gulf will be reduced to 4 minutes. The bridge construction has reached the final stage. We plan to put it into service on June 30, before the festival, with a ceremony attended by our President and Prime Minister. " used the expression.
"Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge opens on August 26"
Emphasizing that Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the third pearl of the Bosphorus, is also important for the world engineering history with its many features, Arslan said that they are planning to put into service a total of 95 kilometers of road with the bridge and its successor, 215 kilometers of motorway, connection roads and crossroads.
Arslan, who pointed out that Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge has a distinguished place in the world engineering literature with the choice of the carrier system, said:
“On it, there are 2 lanes in total, with four highway lanes in the direction of departure and arrival, and 10 railway lanes positioned between the departure and arrival directions of the highway lanes. The bridge is 59 meters wide and is the widest suspension bridge in the world. It is also a suspension bridge with one of the tallest towers in the world with its towers exceeding 322 meters. The total length of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is 408 meters, with its 2 meters main span and side spans. In this respect, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be the longest suspension bridge in the world with a rail system. We are planning to put this giant project into service on August 164. "
"The second necklace under the sea Eurasia"
Arslan stated that the Eurasia Tube Crossing, which was built 106 meters below the sea, was the first project in the world to be built at the deepest sea in the world, and emphasized that the length of the project was 14,6 kilometers and that 3,4 kilometers of it was passed under the sea with a tunnel. Arslan stated that they consider the Eurasia Tube Crossing Project as Marmaray's brother, and the total investment value of the project is 1 billion 250 million dollars.
Noting that the vehicle traffic on the bridges decreased by 9 million vehicles annually with the commissioning of Marmaray, Arslan said, “With the launch of the Eurasia Tube Crossing project, a much more serious relief will be experienced in traffic on the Bosphorus bridges. It will reduce travel time of up to 100 minutes to 15 minutes. This will save 52 million hours of time and 160 million liters of fuel annually. In addition, it is an extremely environmentally friendly project that will reduce harmful gas emissions by 82 thousand tons. " said.
Arslan added that according to the contract, the completion date of the Eurasia Tube Crossing project is August 2017, but this important project will be put into service on 20 December.

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