Metro and new bridge interchange study in Gaziantep

📩 10/12/2018 15:49

In Gaziantep, metro and new crossroads work: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will speed up the crossroads as well as one-way and left-turn bans to relieve urban traffic.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin stated that the Cemetery Intersection, which is one of the most obstructed intersections in the city, is being prepared to realize the single point intersection application that is applied in America, and that Yeşilvadi and Beylerbeyi intersections will start this year. Stating that they will rebuild the Beykent bridge, Şahin stated that they will make a bridge junction at Güneş Mahallesi, 10th street at the intersection of the airport road, Yeşilvadi.
Explaining that they are making an alternative road to Ordu street, 121 buildings to open this road, Şahin said, “We will create a new road line up to Özdemir Bey Street. This project will be like drugs to traffic here. ”
Stating that the city population will be 2040 million in 4.5, Şahin said, “What are we supposed to do for 4.5 million already? Metro decision is the most important. All of our data about the metro is three times that of Konya. The metro will run between the station, Maarif, Karataş and the new hospital. "We will go underground," he said.
Explaining that there is a big jam at the Cemetery Intersection, they have made and approved a revision project to prevent that jam, Şahin said, “One of the fastest works we will enter is the Mezarlık Junction. For the first time, we will implement the intersection system in America. Our existing bridge is 30 meters wide, now we make it 30 meters on the right side and 30 meters on the left side, and we increase the bridge passage to 90 meters. ”
Emphasizing that the most congested point of the city is the Cemetery Intersection, Şahin noted that they will implement the only point intersection in America. Şahin said that the citizens who will go to Zeugma Mosaic Museum will return and cross the street without waiting at this intersection.
“Drivers who come from İpekyolu and want to go to Zeugma Mosaic Museum are waiting in the traffic light. With this system, they will go with a U-turn without waiting. In the same way, citizens coming from the direction of Küsget will be able to turn to the east direction with the U-turn. Vehicle storage areas will expand. According to the studies we have done, this intersection model will solve the parking problem there. Two phases will be missing. The Graveyard Junction will begin this year. ”
Noting that Kayaönü is also important, Şahin said, “We need to ensure the transition to Kayaönü. We have worked with many alternatives regarding Kayaönü Junction. By removing the existing pedestrian overpass, Gazi Muhtar Pasha Boulevard KarşıyakaWe connect to Kayaönü Mahallesi. We project as vehicle crossing plus pedestrian crossing. We will lay the foundation this year. Also, Beykent Bridge will be rebuilt. The airport road will be built at the intersection of Yeşilvadi with a bridge. Güneş Mahallesi is designing a bridge junction on the 10th Street. ”
Şahin, who said that they will remove the heel at the curbside and the ram applications in Değirmiçem, are added to the words that they have made the amendment in a way that will not affect the citizens.

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