Gaziantep and Diyarbakir Fast Train Gospel

Gaziantep and Diyarbakir High Speed ​​Train: Transport Minister Arslan, Star told the latest situation in the projects. Minister Arslan stated that transportation infrastructure will be strengthened in Southeast. In We have reached an advanced point about extending the high speed train to Diyarbakır Bakan.
In the 5 35 next year, transportation infrastructure is being strengthened in Southeast Anatolia Region where an investment of XNUMX billion liras is planned. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Mr. Ahmet Arslan stated that they have been conducting intensive works as a government within the scope of construction works in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia. studies have reached a certain point. The aim is to connect the provinces of the rail system with the railroads Amaç.
Minister Arslan said: m Work is in progress. The 2023 targets have to go the fast train. It goes to northern Iraq and Syria. The train is also connected to the line of your neighboring countries until you train to a certain location. The goal is to go by conventional train after a certain point is the speed 160 already adan found in the assessment.
Minister Arslan said that it is important to ensure regional development by creating a center of attraction in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region. Arslan iy AK Party as we are doing a lot across the country, but the results of the unbalanced investment in the past, whatever the results can not bring to the same level. We have achieved regional development with attraction centers and we will meet the difference of development. Bölgesel
Arslan stated that the Marmara Ringi Project, which will relieve the traffic in the regional cities especially in Istanbul, is important and said: u The easier and faster the areas around the Sea of ​​Marmara to connect the areas in the region to the Aegean. You have the chance to send it to Central Asia through Central Anatolia İç. Minister Arslan, Osmangazi Bridge 30 will be opened in June, said:'n Both the President and the Prime Minister attends. Citizen likes to appreciate a little by living, is the habit of our people. Starting from Gebze with the bridge, people will pass through Bursa. There is no sagging time on the bridge. Bursa will be completed until the end of the year. 2018'e without going to Izmir will be X. Arslan, the average duration of projects in the past 15-20 year is expressed in the period of the AK Party governments said that 3.5-4 reduced to the year. Regarding the Rize-Artvin airport, Minister Arslan said that the decision of the High Planning Council was published. We're gonna have a tender for her recently. This year will take off. Bu
Hot asphalt into the city in the southeast
Terrorist organization in the East and Southeast Anatolia region of the road with the use of traps made of bombs in the process of rebuilding, and underneath the bomb placed in the paving stones and low quality asphalt road, instead of hot mix asphalt called BSK will be laid. Transport Minister Arslan, hot mix asphalt continues to work on the construction, stating, biz We make a protocol with the governors in accordance with the decision of our government do these paths there. We started some of it and we're about to start. There will be inner city, Şehir he said.
Kanal Istanbul will be given priority
Minister Arslan, other than the ongoing projects, the Canal Istanbul and Çanakkale Bridge, he said. Channel Istanbul and Çanakkale indicating the absence of any annoyance for YPK Arslan Arslan, bak Çanakkale about the Prime Minister stated that the goal is to finish up to 2023. There was another feature on the foot opening 2023 meters. He's a little conscious. The name of the bridge is 1915. There were route alternatives in Kanal Istanbul. There is a certain stage about them. There is a financial method that we foresee. According to build-operate-transfer, we bring the financial method in it to the last stage. Works are walking simultaneously. Çalış

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