Gayrettepe-3. Tender for airport metro

Gayrettepe-3. The tender will be held for the airport subway: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Arslan made inspections at the Istanbul New Airport site and received information from the authorities.
Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Arslan said, “(Gayrettepe-Third Airport metro line) Implementation projects are finished. It will be clear in 15 days and we will be bidding. We want to complete it in a record time as the construction time. "
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, noting that it has completed 27 percent of third airport, "everyone and everything to persist in the Republic of Turkey to grow with major projects, investing, will continue to increase the welfare of the people." said.
Arslan visited Istanbul New Airport site and received information from the authorities.
On his arrival in the field, Arslan was welcomed by Limak Holding Chairman Nihat Özdemir, Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) Airports Senior Manager (CEO) Yusuf Akçayoğlu, Limak Group of Companies Deputy Chairman Sezai Buharsız, Cengiz Holding Board Chairman Mehmet Cengiz and other executives.
Prior to the site visit, a meeting was held with Minister Arslan and the accompanying bureaucrats and IGA and the consortium officials.
Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Limak Holding, gave information about the current situation of the construction of the Third Airport.
Armstrong browsing the construction site after the meeting, said in a statement to members of the press here, rising from the third airport, said that the Republic of Turkey yücelen brand project.
Arslan stated that they had made briefings and received briefings on the project, and they were able to get information about such projects at the desk, but they made investigations in the construction area and said that taking decisions in the subsequent processes was one of the good side of construction site.
Arslan continued his words as follows:
“Unfortunately, today we are making such a visit in a sad environment. The talons of foreign powers, foreign powers and the scourge of terror hurt us here. We lost 11 lives in Istanbul. Likewise, we lost 3 lives in Midyat today. We have 3 martyrs. Republic of Turkey stronger, grow up, do not want them as you make big projects will continue to use the swivel head. We, as a single body of 78 million, will overcome the scourge of terror stronger than ever. We wish mercy to our martyrs, urgent healing to our veterans and wounded, and patience to their families. Thanks to the head of 78 million. "
- "We will sign bigger projects"
Reminding that they visited the construction site at a time when they experienced this pain, Arslan said, “This has a different meaning. Everyone, everything stubbornness Republic of Turkey to grow with major projects, investing, will continue to increase the welfare of the people. " said.
Arslan stated that they will carry out larger projects along with these projects in line with the vision of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the targets set by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, and that flights will be carried out to all parts of the world from the Third Airport, which will be the largest in the world.
Arslan, addressing the latest developments in the aviation sector in Turkey for 14 years, announced that he had a lot of work on the airport's capacity.
Minister Arslan said, “We are making 50 million worth of this here because we are planning the next 200 years. With this project, our country will have more say in the world aviation industry. " he spoke.
The airport is a city even at the moment, 16 thousand people who work that expresses Arslan, this figure next year gave the 30 thousand said.
“Hopefully, in the first quarter of 2018, this will be an airport where passengers come, passengers go and planes land one after another. Currently, we call 1300-1400 airports landing big. When this place is finished for the first time, 2 thousand planes will land. used the expressions.
Prime Minister Yildirim be proud of during the ministry Armstrong explaining things signatures thrown themselves they would realize greater success, it that no one should have any doubt that, said the Turkish people and their hopes waiting from Turkey proud that they will.
Arslan, noting that these words may sound assertive, "If you are not assertive and you cannot set big goals, you have no chance to be successful." said.
Gayrettepe-Third Airport subway tender will be clear in 15 days
Arslan, on a question of a press member about when the Gayrettepe-Third Airport subway line will be put out to tender and the construction will start, said, “Application projects are finished. It will be clear in 15 days. And we will bid. We want to complete it in a record time as the construction time. We put forward all our efforts in this regard. " he spoke.
In response to a question as to whether the re-implementation of the ceiling price application previously applied in airplane ticket prices was considered, Arslan said:
“We came, nothing new came. There is already a successful system running. We are putting our efforts to continue the system. We will continue to put it. Of course there is work on keeping ticket prices within a certain margin. However, it will be more appropriate if our people plan the time and buy tickets a little earlier. Those who have to buy expensive tickets on the last day must be people with urgent jobs. Airline companies can also make healthy planning due to early ticket purchase. There is a balance here. "
Arslan, so far, the airport construction of the 27 is over, but the number of employees and work machines working every day will increase, things will accelerate further, he added.
- "2 billion euros spent, 27 percent over"
Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Limak Holding, said in his informative speech that they are aiming to finish the airport as fast as they can and commemorate them.
“Our project is currently the largest in the world. 1500 thousand people work, including 16 white collar workers. " Özdemir explained that 2 thousand construction machines, 200 thousand 3 of which are heavy tonnage, were operated in the project.
Özdemir said, “We have spent 2 billion Euros so far for the first phase of the airport. This corresponds to 27 percent of the work. " said.
Expressing that they made 374 million cubic meters of excavation and 105 million cubic meters of filling in the area, Özdemir stated that the total amount of filling in the Atatürk Dam, which was completed in 11 years, is 80 million cubic meters.
Noting that they are doing 1,5 million cubic meters of excavation and filling work per day, construction and design activities are carried out simultaneously, Özdemir said, “We pour 5 cubic meters of concrete a day. This is also a record in this area. " he spoke.
Özdemir explained that they are working hard to finish the biggest project of the republic history which is vital for Turkish aviation sector and they will finish the rough construction of the 1 million 300 thousand square meter terminal building by the end of the year.


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