The world's first subway system from solar energy

The world's first subway system powered by solar energy: Santiago subway, where 2,5 million people travel every day in Chile, will soon be powered by renewable energy. The metro system, which will meet 60 percent of its consumption with solar energy and 18 percent with wind energy, is a candidate to be the first in the world.
Atacama, the world's driest desert in the north of Chile, will be used as a renewable energy source for the subway system of Santiago, the country's capital. The 650 megawatt solar system, located approximately 100 km south of the city, south of the Atacama desert, will transfer its production directly to the metro line. It is stated that the production will increase by 15 percent thanks to the robots that will regularly clean the solar panels to prevent it from being covered with desert soil.
Santiago metro, which will supply 60 percent of its energy from solar panels in the desert, will get 18 percent of its energy from wind turbines nearby. SunPower, a California-based company that set up the system, also collaborated with Ford to use solar panels for charging electric vehicles.

Günceleme: 10/12/2018 15:48

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