Eryamans, YHT Gar Complex Victory

Eryamanlıların, YHT Gar Complex Victory: Eryamanlı owned. A group of sensitive citizens of Eryaman said that the heavy maintenance and cleaning works of the YHT wagons, which are being installed on the Sugar Factory land by Optimum, ine stop for now ar.
YHT wagons will have washing, lubrication, painting, and even toilet cleanings. Facilities The smell will not be enough to pollute the Ankara tea passing through, will affect all Etimesgut, or even Sincan.
The construction of this large-scale project, which started rapidly without the EIA Report, was approved by the Ankara Governor's Office. Moreover, in order to avoid the reaction of the people, they called the YHT GAR COMPLEX and adorned the signs with pictures that would make the weather. The locals started to ağ rejoice arak thinking that there would be a gar in here. .
Laws and regulations of this size and quality of projects in the size of the EIA report to determine what the damage to the environment, including the measures that should be prepared and reported during the operation phase of a report should be prepared on the grounds that the need for such a construction was allowed. When it does not come to work in terms of yap EIA report is not required ır is prepared and tries to overcome this process.
A handful of volunteers who are aware of this project that will cause environmental pollution in Eryaman, noticed this situation and warned the public. On the other hand, the people of the environment were tried to be warned.
Living in Eryaman and being sensitive about it, Av. With the legal support of Emine Öztürkmen, the governor's office filed a lawsuit for the cancellation of this article. At the end of a period of more than two years, the Administrative Court said to stop this lawlessness. In a place with more than half a million inhabitants, a handful of volunteers succeeded in the failure of rooms and political parties. With the decision, the EIA process needs to be started and additional facilities to minimize environmental pollution. This construction will make time and money for those who made the construction. The application was applied to the governor's office to seal the project. This decision will fulfill the requirements of the EIA Report, additional facilities will need to be made.




    1. I don't know why you perceive it as a victory. yht lrin and the maintenance of other trains have been done for many years. For many years, the environment has not been polluted or new pollution began. I think they're eryamis! take the ignorant section and take a look at the new investment. let the authorities inform you. then I think you will be enlightened.