He died under the train

He died under the train while crossing the railway: 64-year-old Şahismail Gül, who was hit by the train in Elazig, died.
Şahismail Gül, who lives in the Kızılay District of Elazig, went to the animal market at around 05.00 today and was not heard from him again. Gül, whose family sought everywhere but could not find, appealed to the police and asked for help. While police teams were searching for Gul, a shepherd reported that they found a body on the side of the railway. Police teams who went to the scene determined that the body belonged to Şahismail Gül in their examination.
It was stated that Şahismail Gül died as a result of being hit by the train while passing over the rails to go to the animal market. Gül's body was taken to the morgue of Fırat University Hospital for autopsy.


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