Railway Lovers Association visit

Visit to the Railway Lovers Association: DSP Provincial Organization visited the Railway Lovers Association, which struggled to bring trains to Bursa.
DSP Provincial Head Cahit Akıncı, who visited Kemal Demirel, the founding President of the Association of Railway Lovers, who struggled to bring trains to Bursa; "I congratulate Kemal Demirel, who gathered railway enthusiasts under one roof and continues his activities uninterruptedly," he said.
Turkey's iron and struggling up since the year 1997 to be built with the network and the Founders work continued in the railway lovers Association Bursa former deputy Kemal Demirel 's visit, the Association Headquarters, DSP City Organization, "Traffic terror to' Stop 'means We are here for ”message.
DSP Osmangazi District Chairman Murat Sağduyu, DSP Yıldırım District Chairman Mehmet Metin Aksu, DSP Osmangazi District Board Member Nurgül Yalın visited the Railway Lovers Association DSP Bursa Provincial Chairman Cahit Akinci, Association Demirel promised support.
Raider; “17 is well aware of the activities carried out by Kemal Demirel to bring the rail system to Bursa years ago. It is also appreciated that these activities are carried out under the umbrella of an Association. We congratulate Kemal Demirel on this initiative. ”
Both of Bursa and stressed that this association established Railway Enthusiasts Association Chairman Kemal Demirel, Turkey's iron and built with in order to ensure the network is happy because of the visit carried out by expressing said; "10. Year Anthem "with Turkey as well as a network of railways in the knitting will continue our struggle to ride the train together. We owe gratitude to all those who did not spare their support for this cause. ”

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