Marmaray cut off the sea line

there is also a signaling shortage in marmara
there is also a signaling shortage in marmara

Marmaray cut off the sea line: Established to meet the public transportation and transportation needs in ISTANBUL, Istanbul City Lines Enterprises, which carried millions of passengers between the two sides of the Bosphorus for years, reduced the capital when the Marmaray Project started to suffer constant losses.

In the Ordinary General Assembly held at 90 in April, it was decided to take the measure of one third of the capital (capital reduction) in order to ensure the adequacy of the capital. In accordance with the decision of the General Assembly, the company's capital of 4 million 196 thousand 900 TL has been reduced to 835 million 131 thousand 267 liras by reducing 223 million 65 thousand 633 TL.

The share of IMM share in the amount of 177 million 210 thousand 750 TL to 59 million 70 thousand 252 TL was also approved in the IBB Parliament.



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